Richard Juday - At Large Longmont Council CandidateRICHARD JUDAY…

  • Will dedicate himself to bringing primary jobs, permanent jobs, good paying jobs with excellent benefits to Longmont
  • Will emphasize sensible, sustainable growth
  • Will make decisions in the best interests of all of Longmont
  • Will be accessible and responsive to all citizens


  • Is Qualified
  • Is Committed
  • Is Prepared to Serve

Longmont is increasingly dependent upon the contributions of science and technology to meet its economic and quality of life needs. Longmont has a solid foundation of high technology businesses, but we need to do more. We should aggressively seek emerging technology from within the university and government research institutions in our vicinity.

Businesses recruited to Longmont will not only bring permanent, high-paying jobs, but will also bring qualified workers and homebuyers to Longmont, alleviating its depressed housing market and raising the value of existing homes.

I am an engineer, retired from NASA. As such, I bring a perspective that will complement the talents and capabilities of the current City Council. As a respected and accomplished scientist, I understand the needs of high technology industry and the judgment to find what fits Longmont. As a laboratory manager, I can communicate with business in its environment and in its language. As a retiree, I have the time to commit. As an active and productive volunteer in and around Longmont for several years, I have shown that I have the ability and staying power to contribute.

I can serve Longmont well and I am committed to preserving it as a wonderful place to live.

Thank you for your vote and for joining me for a better, brighter Longmont.