I think that voters in Longmont elections should be able to see all contributions made to every candidate before casting their votes. Under the Election Code, it is permissible to accept donations even after the election, with a final accounting due only 30 days after the election. As I announced to local news media at the beginning of the election season that concludes on 29th January, I am accepting no more donations after the report required to be filed with the City Clerk by noon on 23rd January.
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Richard Juday believes that… Council should manage the City’s budget so that income from growth is devoted solely to new infrastructure. Operational expenses should be funded only from stable, consistent income sources. Council should exercise greater oversight of City staff and seek a wider range of opinions, analyses and recommendations. Council should reach out to all ethnic and social groups. Council should continue to support El Comité in its efforts to mainstream recent legal arrivals through English as a Second Language (ESL) and other programs.
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Council should create an ad hoc advisory committee of volunteer technical experts who live and work in Longmont, to advise on issues beyond the expertise of city staff or council. Members would be tasked to provide recommendations that don’t rise to the level of requiring outside consultants. Longmont should enter into an Inter-Governmental Agreement with its surrounding neighbors to prevent “big box” chains from pitting one city against the other for special consideration in locating within communities.
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VOTE FOR A BRIGHT LONGMONT FUTURE RICHARD JUDAY… Will dedicate himself to bringing primary jobs, permanent jobs, good paying jobs with excellent benefits to Longmont Will emphasize sensible, sustainable growth Will make decisions in the best interests of all of Longmont Will be accessible and responsive to all citizens RICHARD JUDAY… Is Qualified Is Committed Is Prepared to Serve Longmont is increasingly dependent upon the contributions of science and technology to meet its economic and quality of life needs.
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It is one thing to name lofty visions and desirable goals. It is quite another thing to be able to attain them. My background and accomplishments demonstrate that I set reasonable goals and then act, not just dream and talk. High-minded principles and windy statements by aspiring politicians are one thing. But ability is another. In choosing whom to vote for, compare the abilities and the demonstrated performance of the candidates.
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Richard Juday

Recent Accomplishments:

  • Technical advisor in optics and signal theory, to Optalysys, a small company headquartered in Yorkshire, England.  Visit their website to see their activity in genome sequencing, computational fluid dynamics, and optical implementation of computations for weather forecasting. I am a little hard to find, but there I am, at the bottom of the staff page.
  • Member of the 2006-2008 Economic Vitality Task Force for Longmont. Authored, along with Tom McCoy, Sarah Levison and Rich Hansen, the report’s Exhibit 1 which emphasizes that growth should be governed and managed within the margins between current consumption and eventual capacity.

  • Serving a two-year appointment to the Boulder County committee that distributes Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) funds with emphasis on directing tax-supported funds towards deserving projects and fair Longmont representation.

  • Appointed member of Longmont committee that distributes federal funds (Community Development Block Grants) within Historic Eastside Neighborhood Association (HENA)

  • Advisor for CTEK, and a Magellan Center member

  • Fellow of OSA (Optical Society of America), an international scientific professional organization, since 2007

  • Several years of service on the MeadowView Homeowners Association Board. Currently serving third term as President of that HOA

  • Volunteer teacher of optics to middle-school students in Longmont, Erie, Brighton.

  • Four years as judge at the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair, evaluating middle- and high-school student projects. Special Awards judge on behalf of the Boulder chapter of the American Meteorological Society and the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Optical Society of America, Grand Awards judge in physics.

Earlier Accomplishments/Before Longmont

A Personal Look