This is a website on which Richard Juday will be making, and updating, content regarding the issue of growth of the City of Longmont, Colorado.

On 17th June 2021, I published an Opinion in the Longmont Times-Call, in which I state that continued improvement of life in town to be done under the constraint of zero growth, in both population count and annexed area.  I state that the City owes no fealty to developers who want to annex land that the City -- and its current residents -- then must service. 

A central thesis is that City Council owes its allegiance to the existing citizens, not to prospective inhabitants. And certainly not to developers per se.

That piece then kicked off additional letters and discussion around town.  Current City leaders (e.g. Bagley and Martin) seem content with the growth situation, that it is under control and limited. Continuing comment indicates that they have a sales job to do.

In this website I continue making comments.

Version date: 25 June 2021